@jmreekes I wonder if replying to myself will work.

@mandaris Yep. Micro.blog support in Ulysses is currently available in the beta. You can email [email protected] to request the beta

@Gaby Cool.

@hutaffe You’re welcome.

@mcg Will do. I fly over CHS all the time

@hutaffe I sent an email to [email protected]

This is Wilmington, North Carolina from 34,000ft.

@pratik Thanks for that. I remembered seeing a post from a MB user but couldn’t remember who. I also did not know that about tags on Blot.

@pratik I’ve got my site’s RSS plugged in on MB. I need to do some research on enabling web mentions on Blot

@pratik Very cool. How did you setup the web mentions on Blot, and sharing only certain tagged posts?

@pratik Very cool. How did you set that up?

@pratik Is the syndication the automatic RSS crossposting or something else. I’ve got the RSS crossposting configured. @mdrockwell mentioned syndicating from Blot to here as well. Y’all have got me curious

@pratik I’m keeping my blot blog up and running, in case I decide to try to better link it here. I still love Blot and the move away isn’t because of any shortcoming on Blot.

@pratik Partially trying to simplify the where do I want to post this mental headache. I enjoy the community here a lot , so I figured I’d put everything here. I know it’s possible to link blot and micro.blog but it seems like something I would mess up.

@collin Good to know. Thanks

@mdrockwell I know there are users here who use Blot with Micro.blog with web mentions and all the “goodies” but that’s more stuff for me to break when trying to set it up

@mdrockwell Trying to simplify the where do I post this but also wanting to get my content where I interact. I’ve got my Blot RSS setup here but don’t have web mentions or anything enabled. I know it’s possible but haven’t looked into it much.

@odd @manton iA Writer asked for image name. I’ll post a screenshot

@ridwan @jean Houston, Texas. I entered it into iA Writer thinking it would post it below the image.

@JohnPhilpin @jamesolon Same with Notion. I haven’t tried Obsidian or Roam because I’m iOS 99.99% of the time

@JohnPhilpin @jamesolon I never got into Bear that much. Not for lack of trying but I think it’s because my brain prefers folders instead of tags for organization. Same reason I’ve always had a hard time sticking with Evernote. All the tags start to look cluttered to me.

@jamesolon I like it a lot better than Notion. I think Craft is gonna stick with me

@Gaby That’s one reason I started using Castro again. Pocket Casts is probably my favorite overall.

@ronguest @pratik If you subscribe to Apple News+, there is a workaround for the WSJ Paywall. Open the article in Safari and share the page, then select the Apple News app in the share sheet. It’ll open the full article in Apple News. (I learned this today myself)

@Gaby I started messing with Overcast again today, mainly for the audio. I’m gonna try using one smart list as the inbox and another smart list as my Up Next queue. We’ll see how it goes.