@gregmoore Love it

@vincent Excellent, joining it now

@pimoore That has become my default first thought pretty much anytime a company advertises something for way less than a well-known competitor. Proton and Tutanota are the exceptions to that (for me at least)

@ohBananaJoe @pimoore I've heard good things about mailbox.org

@grayareas I love Fastmail and ProtonMail. I've had a paid account with Fastmail for years and a free account with Proton for a few years. I paid for ProtonMail a couple of months and I'm using it for my most used domains and Fastmail for my secondary domains.

@vincent Is the Android beta open?

@vincent The slowness in the Feed was a huge headache for me. I'm currently using ProtonMail for my primary domains and Fastmail for my secondary domains.

@ohBananaJoe Mailbrew is awesome

@maique Happy Easter

@dejus Awesome pics. The Mavic 2 is the one I’m leaning toward getting at some point. I like that the Mavic series is so compact. My flying partner for a 7 day tour last month carries a drone with him. @pratik

@jack I feel the same way about the Feed. I’ve been a happy FastMail customer for years, tho I’m currently using ProtonMail for my primary domains and FastMail for my secondary, lesser used domains.

@gregmoore Happy Easter! Great pic

@odd That sucks. This was my first time in downtown LA. My flying partner wanted to go fly his drone and get some pictures, so I tagged along. I’ve flown to the LA airports countless times but never really had time to go downtown

@peterimoore It really is. It still amazes me how good mobile photography has gotten

@leem Can’t complain about the view

@simonwoods That’s a good article. I’ve been getting better about the capture the task when I think of it. One other thing I’ve been trying to do is if I can quickly complete a task when I think of it without disrupting anything, I complete the task.

@Gaby Good post. I’ve been using Reminders/GoodTask the last few days and have been mostly happy with it. I’ve been tempted to download Things 3 and mess with it again because I really like the app.

@patrickrhone Got ya. I’ve been a long time Fantastical user but know a few people who love BusyCal. I need to give it a go and see how I like it.

@patrickrhone Why BusyCal over Fantastical or Calendar?

@pratik Thanks. My arm is a little sore at the injection site but no other side effects.

@mandaris Thanks. I thought it was gonna be a few more weeks according what I was told by the local health department because the state hasn’t authorized my subset of essential worker status but I was able to get it through Walgreens no questions asked.

@mdrockwell Yep

@mdrockwell Tutanota locks you into their apps like ProtonMail. StartMail supports IMAP

@mdrockwell ProtonMail is the only email service I’ve used that supports both labels and folders. No issues with ProtonVPN either.

@mdrockwell The current iOS apps do not have dark mode support but the v4 beta web app does have dark mode, though it’s a manual option. This isn’t a deal breaker for me, but something to be aware of.