@vincent Excellent, joining it now

@pimoore That has become my default first thought pretty much anytime a company advertises something for way less than a well-known competitor. Proton and Tutanota are the exceptions to that (for me at least)

@ohBananaJoe @pimoore I've heard good things about mailbox.org

@grayareas I love Fastmail and ProtonMail. I've had a paid account with Fastmail for years and a free account with Proton for a few years. I paid for ProtonMail a couple of months and I'm using it for my most used domains and Fastmail for my secondary domains.

@vincent Is the Android beta open?

@vincent The slowness in the Feed was a huge headache for me. I'm currently using ProtonMail for my primary domains and Fastmail for my secondary domains.

@ohBananaJoe Mailbrew is awesome

@maique Happy Easter

@dejus Awesome pics. The Mavic 2 is the one I’m leaning toward getting at some point. I like that the Mavic series is so compact. My flying partner for a 7 day tour last month carries a drone with him. @pratik

@jack I feel the same way about the Feed. I’ve been a happy FastMail customer for years, tho I’m currently using ProtonMail for my primary domains and FastMail for my secondary, lesser used domains.

@gregmoore Happy Easter! Great pic

@odd That sucks. This was my first time in downtown LA. My flying partner wanted to go fly his drone and get some pictures, so I tagged along. I’ve flown to the LA airports countless times but never really had time to go downtown

@peterimoore It really is. It still amazes me how good mobile photography has gotten

@leem Can’t complain about the view

@simonwoods That’s a good article. I’ve been getting better about the capture the task when I think of it. One other thing I’ve been trying to do is if I can quickly complete a task when I think of it without disrupting anything, I complete the task.

@Gaby Good post. I’ve been using Reminders/GoodTask the last few days and have been mostly happy with it. I’ve been tempted to download Things 3 and mess with it again because I really like the app.

@patrickrhone Got ya. I’ve been a long time Fantastical user but know a few people who love BusyCal. I need to give it a go and see how I like it.

@patrickrhone Why BusyCal over Fantastical or Calendar?

@pratik Thanks. My arm is a little sore at the injection site but no other side effects.

@mandaris Thanks. I thought it was gonna be a few more weeks according what I was told by the local health department because the state hasn’t authorized my subset of essential worker status but I was able to get it through Walgreens no questions asked.

@mdrockwell Yep

@mdrockwell Tutanota locks you into their apps like ProtonMail. StartMail supports IMAP

@mdrockwell ProtonMail is the only email service I’ve used that supports both labels and folders. No issues with ProtonVPN either.

@mdrockwell The current iOS apps do not have dark mode support but the v4 beta web app does have dark mode, though it’s a manual option. This isn’t a deal breaker for me, but something to be aware of.

@mdrockwell I’ve been happy with my move to ProtonMail so far. The iOS apps are pretty nice and work well, and the web app for the v4 beta is really nice. I can’t comment on how well the desktop bridge app works because I rarely use a desktop app.