@cliffordbeshers Gorgeous

@numericcitizen It does support Git. I love the service. I’ve been using it for about 3 years

@pcora Blot.im It turns a Dropbox folder into a blog. I love it

@numericcitizen Blot.im It’s a static site generator that uses a Dropbox folder to host your blog

@apoorattemptathumor Welcome

@odd there is. @cjkonecnik is a pilot as well. Welcome @apporattwmptathumor

@gr36 Was it hard to get WordPress running on a DO droplet?

@Cheri Wow!

@kbrice Absolutely gorgeous

@ChrisJWilson Just posted some screenshots and info on how I use it for home projects. My use of it is very basic compared to the power of Basecamp, but it’s really handy to have everything related to a project in one place. For day to day home related tasks I use Todoist but for any big home projects, I’m gonna use Basecamp.

@cm @ChrisJWilson Basecamp is really good. I’ve only used the free version for managing a couple of home projects and loved it.

@Gaby Gotcha.

@Gaby What was your neighbor doing? Using his mower as a snow blower? “I don’t need a snow blower. My John Deere will work just fine.”

@ronguest I need to look into this. We have AAA. I have our credit accounts frozen with all 3

@pratik Try this one. It works from Drafts as well

@hjertnes How do I join dog.estate?

@donnydavis That’s awesome. I love it.

@donnydavis It’s been the solid the few times I’ve used it.

@mandaris Thanks

@pratik You’re welcome.

@pratik I’m trying to work on getting it to upload multiple images and correctly create each markdown link.

@pratik The new-new one converts any selected image to JPEG & adds to a variable , resizes that variable to 1000 x auto-height & adds to a new/final variable, and uploads the final variable to Dropbox without adding -2.

@pratik I decided to start over from scratch. Something in the old & new-old shortcut was causing the shortcut to add -2 (I think it was the IF step). This shortcut does NOT add -2

@pratik Has the updated image upload short been working better for you?

@pratik Success!!! It works!!!!