Soul on Disney+ is an excellent movie.

I haven’t played Tetris, the video game in years. I did play Tetris, load the airplane cargo compartment twice at work this week. Boxes, bags, fragile (It must be Italian.) boxes of liquor, computer monitors in boxes. Passengers on one flight didn’t think it was all gonna fit

Jackson Hole Airport (KJAC) Jackson, Wyoming

Loving my new watch. G-Shock GWM5610-1.

I’ve been away from here for WAY too long

Current homescreen. The widget at the top is a Stack of Widgets

2020-08-13 Homescreen

The more I use Hey, the more I like it

Happy Dog. Her name is Aspen (she’s a golden doodle)

Hello. I’ve been too quiet here.

Simple test post

Simple test post from iA Writer.

Smashing Pumpkins…

…to feed the chickens

I got a new toy this week, Blackstone flattop griddle with 2 side burners. Grilled some chicken breast and drumsticks last night and made hibachi chicken and fried rice tonight.

Random homescreen post

Watching Onward

I’ve really enjoyed the 13 Minutes to the Moon podcast. Season 2 premier released a couple of weeks ago and has been really good so far. Season 1 is about Apollo 11, S2 is about Apollo 13.

👋 👋👋

Not a bad way to spend an overnight in Long Beach, California.

Monterey, California

I am making some DNS changes, so there may be sometime downtime while everything propagates.

Another picture from Grand Caverns. The Reflection looks sorta like the New York City Skyline

I am so glad to see the Chiefs win the Super Bowl. I’m a big Patrick Mahomes fan, and I’ve always liked Andy Reid.

Mountains offer such wonderful Sight(s)

I don’t have to go very far to find OPEN land, just have to walk to my backyard. There is roughly 8 acres of open land between our yard and our neighbors’ yards.

I’m going to do my best to post a picture every day in February for #mbfeb